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The Awards are administered by the University of Gloucestershire, UK . There are two titled loose sections, 'Student' and 'Emerging and Established'. The Student category is open to all full time students over 18 years of age worldwide.The Emerging and Established category is open to any newly practising illustrators who are wishing to gain exposure of their work and to those who are more established and are apart of the illustration world.

A public exhibition will be held in Autumn/Winter of 2019 on behalf of the University of Gloucestershire. 

The selected work will be showcased at the exhibition and published in the Annual which will be distributed to institutions and industry publishers. 
The exhibition then travels to other venues for the year. Past exhibition spaces have been the likes of Pitt Rivers- Oxford, The Wilson Museum and Art Gallery, The museum in the Park Stroud and the London Book Fair.

The University of Gloucestershire reserves the right to cancel the event should sufficient entries not be received for this competition. Artwork must be supplied digitally via google form submission link provided on the how to submit page.
Judging of entries will take place in August by a professional committee. Successful applicants will be notified by email mid September.

Last Year's Awards: 2020 'I am Many Stories'.


'All together now – Tales of Unity

Despite possessing the technology that makes universal communicators of us all, we still suffer the great disconnects of our modern world; the great geographical, political, economic and spiritual divides. Yet, whenever we meet across these gulfs, we find we have so much in common. Alongside all that separates us, there are the great connectors – music, comedy, cuisine, the natural world and, of course, the need to draw; to examine and explain our lives through pictures.

All together now. Because at this moment so much of the world appears to be entering a period of introspection and national separatism; one of materialism and protectionism.
You are asked to make an illustration that uses narrative to celebrate our universal humanity and our collective experience; one that celebrates illustration and storytelling as dynamic influencers for unity.'

Andrew Morrison.


Featuring photos from our exhibition and symposium at the Museum in the Park, Stroud, London Book Fair 2019 and The Garden Galleries- Cheltenham Jazz Festival.



2016's Awards

We sing nonsense rhymes to our children, we speak in riddles when we can’t face the facts, and we hide our deepest mysteries in absurdity. Nonsense attempts to explain the inexplicable, it struggles in our minds with the logical and the sensible.

Nonsense blows a raspberry at the pompous and the opinionated, it sustains us all when common-sense fails. Shun the frumious Bandersnatch and make an illustration that tells a new nonsense tale.

At the Wilson Art Gallery and Museum

2015's Awards 


We run to the city to find fame and fortune, we run from the city to find peace and identity. Cities are made of steel and glass but also of cardboard; they create unity amongst people but also isolation; they are the crowning glories of man’s imagination but also of his greed.

There are lost cities, mythical cities, cities of the imagination, cities of the future.

Wilson Gallery and Museum
London Book Fair

2014's Awards


The printed annual
The exhibition at the Wilson, Cheltenham.
Ben Newman speaks at the symposium.

2013's Awards

The 7th Illustrators Symposium was held in Oct 2013 to support and publicise the presentation of this year’s Awards. Speakers included award winning and veteran illustrator of the Meg and Mog books, Jan Pienkowski, who appeared alongside co-author David Walser, who has produced with Jan many books of traditional folk and fairy tales. The other speakers were acclaimed Belgian illustrator Sam Vanallemeersch and French ex Erasmus exchange student Nicolas Andre. Both these latter artists were publishing their own graphic novels in England with the illustration publishers Nobrow. The entire student cohort packed the Regency Suite with standing room only for staff, the day was divided between appreciation for the traditional values of Pienkowski, contrasted with the newer methods of disseminating illustration work demonstrated by the younger generation of artists.

The Awards competition
2013's theme was “Tales of Mood and Memory” - to reflect the competition's support from the Holst Birthplace Museum and the Festival itself. Entrants were invited to interpret the Planets Suite by Holst, also taking elements from Proust's Remembrances and the upcoming centenary of WW1.
A notable statistic from this year's entries was that of the diversity of countries from which entries were received, comprising at least 13 countries including China, Israel and Romania.

Awards Exhibition 2013, 4-13 October

The Private view took place on 4 Oct, the first day of the Literature Festival, in a special marquee in Imperial Square Gardens hired by the University. Stephen Marston and Ben Calvert attended alongside students, staff and we also welcomed interested festivalgoers. The exhibition comprised the winners and highly commended entries and drew praise from all who attended for the standard and diversity of the artwork and the presentation of the exhibition.

As in previous years, the exhibition will move to the London Book Fair in April 2014.