Bryony-Mae Hopkins 

It won't take long to notice my mad obsession with natural history and aquarium keeping in my illustrations; but I also like express my personal and universal experiences to inform and build awareness on issues such as chronic illness, abuse recovery and more.

Carly Gillham

I’m Carly, I enjoy portraying stories through my work, adding depth and a sense of wonder to the worlds and characters I create.

Lauren Susman
I’m Lauren, a designer and illustrator based in the West Midlands. I make experimental, visual stories that are sometimes strange or silent, exploring themes of power, place, identity and memory. My illustration is also informed by my work as a graphic designer in its attention to space and composition. My work takes those things, feelings, places or people who have been lost, forgotten, mislaid or misunderstood, and looks to let them be seen or heard once again through the medium of comics. 

My website is and my instagram is @i_love_audrey_1929.

Rhiannon Griffiths

I’m currently a freelance Illustrator/artist based in Pembrokeshire. Having studied Architecture & Planning at UWE and later a PGCE in primary education, my creative nature has always been at the fore, whether when designing houses or producing engaging lessons for a class. However, my heart has always been in drawing and creating my own characters and images. I remember reading the wonderful stories of Roald Dahl and being absolutely fascinated by Quentin Blake’s illustrations, which for me, added so much more life and atmosphere to already great work. These have certainly been an inspiration. My recent MA work focused on culture, values and emotions, and how these can be represented through narrative. This culminated in my final project, which focused on traditional Welsh folk tales. From my teaching background, these topics often have a role to play, which I believe has influenced my work. From these many and varied sources, including reading many a children’s book as a child and as an adult choosing and reading stories to my own classes, I have an interest in children’s literature, designing characters and depicting narrative to hopefully one day enter into the fantastically imaginative world of children’s book illustration (fingers crossed!).

Instagram: @rhiannon_illustration
Facebook: @RGillustration
Redbubble: RG-illustration

Sabrina Impieri 

My recent work is about happy isolation, Introspection and slowing of time and of ‘ennui’ intended as boredom - but with a connotation of self indulgence.
But I‘m also politically and socially engaged, so often I find myself responding to daily events - using my drawings to express my view or spread awareness
With my daughter I have designed and launched a T-shirt through Everpress to highlight mental illness and conditions such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and the impact that coronavirus is having on people’s well-being.
It’s available until the 13 of June at and 
100% of the profit will be donated to Mind UK