Can I submit work as a group?

Yes group / collective works are accepted

Are you looking for one image?

Image submissions should be 1-5 image file/s, clearly named with you name, per image (max of 5). Within these images however there can be a selection of panels, images or cells if your submission is a narrative which relies on this format (i.e A comic).

Can I submit more than one image?

Yes. Entries are limited to 5 per person.

What is the theme?

Each year we offer a new theme for your interpretation. In 2023 is Interconnectivity. This is free for you to explore.

When will I know if my submission is successful?

This year successful submissions will receive an email of confirmation in the autumn of 2023.

We get over 800 entries so please don't be disheartened if you are unsuccessful. We get so many great entires we cannot include due to space so we look for a diverse cross section of images.

Can i send my entry in an email with my information in an email itself?


Please do not do this as it will render your entry invalid and you will not be entered into the competition.

Do i call my entry 'CIA 2023' or the theme name?

No, Please name you work with the title (followed by "01" if it is part of a series).