Successful Entrants email sent! Winners Announced!

 So that's it folks! The email for successful Cheltenham Illustration Awards 2020 entrants has been sent out!

Making it down from over 800 entries to this year's awards to the 50 or so in the annual!

Thank you for bearing with us being a little slower this year with everything going on.

If you haven't heard please don't be disheartened- as always, the competition was tight! And we try not to put to many of a similar style concept into the annual- to keep it as varied and well rounded as we can! More to come about the annual and exhibition as we go!

The annual is going to print around the start of November- a little later than normal this year. 
We'd also like to invite you to see the exhibition when it happens. More to come about this as we haven't been able to set a date for it that makes sense yet this year. 
We are currently hoping for early March 2021 to coincide with the launch of the 2021 theme, and making arrangements for that. You will hear more about this as and when! 
The exhibition will also be moving on to other locations hopefully during 2021- keep an eye on our twitter/website to find out when and where.

This year's special award title goes to-

Arthur Kearns
Ellan Rankin
Jason Chuang 
Lu Chen

Daniel Erridge
Emma Channell
Imogen Clifton

Entries we have highlighted as favourites! And those first to be included in any subsequent exhibitions!