Back to sending out all the annuals to the successful entrants across the globe!

This year we've been sending to such places as Iran, the USA, Lithuania, Spain, Italy, China, Russia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Germany, Taiwan, Brazil, The Netherlands and the UK. We are so proud of our fantastic and globally reaching illustration awards!

If you want to send in a photo of you with your own annual somewhere on this plant- please do! We love to see.

2019 ALL TOGETHER NOW- Exhibition at Stroud.

So the CIA 2019 exhibition at the Museum in the Park, Stroud is well into full swing now.

Here are some photos of the exhibition for those not able to make it across. Thank you so all who have gone to see it so far. It remains on until Sunday the 22nd of Dec. So still plenty of time.

You can also pick an annual up there! (it will be for sale online soon).