CIA 2017 Around the world!

Photos are starting to come in from our successful entrants around the world receiving their annuals!
Keep them coming! We love to put a name to a face and know they arrived safely.

Franki Sparke in Watson, Australia

Yiting Lee in Taiwan
Changhu Li also in Taiwan

Bojana Dimitrovski in Slovenia
Lin Xi (Jessie Lin) in Shanghai

Gianne Amparo in Portsmouth, UK

Qianwen Tu (Rita) in the USA!

Cat Donaldson and her annual at the recently opened and wonderful Louvre Abu Dhabi!


So the 2017 Cheltenham Illustration Awards has begun it's journey to the successful entrants inside around the globe today. It's always amazing to see how far our awards travel. Australia, Iran, Finland, China, The Philippines...
Pictures to come of the annual itself.
Good luck to our annuals on reaching their homes safely and hopefully there will be some pictures to show for it when they arrive!