Nonsense around the world!

Here's our Cover Artist Helena Pérez García! Holding her annual in Bermondsey, London.
So we've been getting photos back of the CIA 2016 from it's various stopping points on the globe. It's so great to see! Thanks to everyone!
Jaye Kang- Düsseldorf TV tower by the Rhein River, Germany.

João Vaz de Carvalho - Parede, Portugal.

Ollie Cuthbertson-Trafalgar Square, London.
We also had Olivier Kugler come in to talk to us last week. Here he is holding the annual himself!
Geraldine Sypiecco from the Philippines! Thanks Geraldine!

Yana Voitik by the Town Hall in Minsk, Belarus!

Zoe Scammell in Richmond, London by the river Thames!