Exhibition Venue Confirmed!

'We sing nonsense rhymes to our children, we speak in riddles when we can’t face the facts, and we hide our deepest mysteries in absurdity. Nonsense attempts to explain the inexplicable, it struggles in our minds with the logical and the sensible. Nonsense blows a raspberry at the pompous and the opinionated, it sustains us all when common-sense fails. Shun the frumious Bandersnatch and make an illustration that tells a new nonsense tale.'

DEADLINE June 1st 2016.

We're excited to announce we've just confirmed this year's Illustration Award exhibition will be up for longer than ever at the The Wilson, Cheltenham's art gallery & museum this year. September 24th - EarlyJan 2017!

During this time we will be running talks and workshops too.

© Quintin Lake, 2013.

© Quintin Lake, 2013.