Thank you to all who took the time to enter the 2015 Cheltenham Illustration Awards.
If you entered, you should receive confirmation of your entry have been downloaded no later than the 18th of June.

If you are successful at getting into the annual you will be notified by email around September 2015.

If you don't receive this email we are sorry to say you won't have been successful this year. But we do thank you for entering.

This year we've had around 700 entries from all round the world and only around 50 can make it into the annual.
Each successful entry gets a free copy of the annual and an invite to the Opening night of the exhibition in early October.

(Sadly not all successful entries in the annual can also be in the exhibition due to space, you can check before to see if yours is if you so wish.)

Thank you all once again. We are excited to print the 2015 Cheltenham Illustration Annual!